Jamaal Cody

Jamaal Cody (American Drummer/Producer) is known for his production and
touring the world with some of todayʼs biggest artistsʼ as well as acts who have
been in the industry for as long as heʼs been alive. At age 25 you could have found
Cody on stages with acts such as 98 Degrees, Delacey, Nick Lachey, Kymani
Marley, Arin Ray (Musical Director), Bahari, Asher Roth , Kevin Ross, Lola Lennox ,
Fred Hammond, Sammy Wilk (Musical Director), Major Myjah (Musical Director)
More recently , Jamaal has decided to create his own music since moving to Los
Angeles in 2013 building his brand, and landing a publishing deal early 2019 with
“Rock Mafia” . Heʼs currently working on his fourth Jazz Record which is
scheduled to release just before Spring 2020.
Thereʼs no real comparison to the work or character behind the artist but heʼs
influenced by many artists which heavily reflects in his instrumental music.
“Coldplay, Jay Z , Michael Jackson, Prince, Chick Corea, Dave Weckl, etc.