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Honcho Truth

Greensboro NC native Honcho Truth is one of the most talented, underrated, artists in the market. Not just because he’s a good artist but, because he’s a great all-around artist and performer. Honcho Truth has been making a buzz in the Carolina’s since his release from prison a few years ago. The unfortunate event may have held back some time but it gave him more motivation and led to promising himself to remain focused on what he loved doing the most. He started steering all of his energy into his talent and setting goals that would make him a better artist as well as a better person.

Sunny Da Man

Sunny Da Man has an agenda to his brand. His intentions behind his music are to establish something great; To break the generational cycle of poverty and struggle that seemingly traps many young, black men in America today. Sunny has a unique gift that involves all avenues of the music business. His talents are evidenced, as seen through his prolific producing, beat making and rhyme skills. His flow is legendary, his voice is tremendous, and he aims to be the voice of a people and his peers by becoming the embodiment of what it means to be from the 704. Meet Sunny Da Man. Creator of music, creator of opportunity, and creator of growth.

Jamal 172

Raised in Bronx, NY since he was 5, Jamal 172 is a rising charismatic Hip Hop recording artist currently located in Charlotte, NC. His name comes simply from his first name paired with numbers that refer to the block he grew up on (in the Bronx). Jamal has always been into writing and making music since he was 16, yet he didn’t start to seriously pursue his talents until after a collection of funny freestyle videos he made during freestyle sessions in High School on his iPhone.