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Honcho Truth

Greensboro NC native Honcho Truth is one of the most talented, underrated, artists in the market. Not just because he’s a good artist but, because he’s a great all-around artist and performer. Honcho Truth has been making a buzz in the Carolina’s since his release from prison a few years ago. The unfortunate event may have held back some time but it gave him more motivation and led to promising himself to remain focused on what he loved doing the most. He started steering all of his energy into his talent and setting goals that would make him a better artist as well as a better person.


Born in 1991 New Orleans, LA. to an interracial couple, but raised and currently resides is Charlotte NC. Spencer, who goes by the name Suspence, says the feeling music brings him has been something he could never escape. It’s a wave of emotion that can make time stop. Suspence aims to be the change in the world, and creates music to inspire. Whether it be a smile, laugh, or movement, his style is an energy. If he’s moved to sing, he sings, when the vibe is more poetic, he raps. He believes we live in a time where we’ve been gifted by so many greats. We don’t have to be kept in a box, we’re able to think outside of it. Suspence hopes for everyone to feel as at home as he does in his music. “We’re in this together, come for the music, but stay for the artist.” 


Jamaal Cody

Jamaal Cody (American Drummer/Producer) is known for his production and touring the world with some of todayʼs biggest artistsʼ as well as acts who have been in the industry for as long as heʼs been alive. At age 25 you could have found Cody on stages with acts such as 98 Degrees, Delacey, Nick Lachey, Kymani Marley, Arin Ray (Musical Director), Bahari, Asher Roth , Kevin Ross, Lola Lennox, Fred Hammond, Sammy Wilk (Musical Director), Major Myjah (Musical Director) etc. More recently, Jamaal landed a publishing deal early 2019 with “Rock Mafia”.