Sunny Da Man

Sunny Da Man has an agenda to his brand. His intentions behind his music are to establish something great; To break the generational cycle of poverty and struggle that seemingly traps many young, black men in America today. Sunny has a unique gift that involves all avenues of the music business. His talents are evidenced, as seen through his prolific producing, beat making and rhyme skills. His flow is legendary, his voice is tremendous, and he aims to be the voice of a people and his peers by becoming the embodiment of what it means to be from the 704. Meet Sunny Da Man. Creator of music, creator of opportunity, and creator of growth.

Sunny Da Man, born Darren O’Neal Fowler in 1990, has always been a man on a mission since he can remember. Born in the small town of Shelby, NC, Sunny’s motivation is watered by those close around him. He has always been surrounded by supportive family and friends from as far back as he could remember. Growing up, Sunny gravitated toward the usual exploits of black male children- sports. but music always had a special call on him. The rumblings of music have always been a part of his soul. Formerly known in his younger childhood as “Little G”, he even rapped as an elementary school child. At such a young age, he easily put words together so uniquely that it amazed his peers. Eventually those more seasoned in the local music scene began to notice and he was often asked to freestyle, which always impressed a lot of people.

His love of music was evident and his focus and ferocity resonated with all those who heard his flow. A young boy would eventually grow and hone his craft . . . changing his name to Sunny D and later the moniker – Sunny Da Man. Sunny Da Man made a name for himself while networking at the 2018 A3C Festival and looks forward to attending again in 2019. He is well known for previously winning the Coast 2 Coast showcase for NC. He’s performed for and headlined for popular showcases and concerts as the “Carolina vs Everyone” series (Hosted by DJ Chuck T and DJ E Sudd) and the “I Love New Music” series (Hosted by Skee Monee). He’s scored a production placement on Damion Lillard’s “Anomaly” feat 2 Chainz and currently pushing a hit single titled “Go” (see below” along with his fan favorite “Whoa” and the club banger “Playin With It” f/ DoeSkool.