Jamal 172

Raised in Bronx, NY since he was 5, Jamal 172 is a rising charismatic Hip Hop recording artist currently located in Charlotte, NC. His name comes simply from his first name paired with numbers that refer to the block he grew up on (in the Bronx). Jamal has always been into writing and making music since he was 16, yet he didn’t start to seriously pursue his talents until after a collection of funny freestyle videos he made during freestyle sessions in High School on his iPhone.

There are thousands of influencers who became who they are today because they started out doing one particular thing and posted the videos online. Then there are those who have it happen to them when they least expect it. In Jamal’s case, he was already making music and pursuing Hip Hop, but just didn’t feel his songs were up to par. Then, with the influence of his funny videos as a High School Senior, his personality impacted his classmates and peers and got him to go harder for his goals. Even now, his numbers still keep that same energy.

Currently, Jamal 172 is working on new music and recording for a future EP. He recently released a video for his single called “Moves”, which received over 30k views in a little over 3 weeks. Also on the campaign are his singles “Foreign” and “Rydah”.

His 1st major performance in Charlotte was a DJ Chuck T showcase event at Onyx, which was a great experience for the Bronx native. Jamal looks forward to doing shows around the world and has plans for merchandise plus writing his very own first movie.

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