Honcho Truth

Greensboro NC native Honcho Truth is one of the most talented, underrated, artists in the market. Not just because he’s a good artist but, because he’s a great all-around artist and performer. Honcho Truth has been making a buzz in the Carolina’s since his release from prison a few years ago. The unfortunate event may have held back some time but it gave him more motivation and led to promising himself to remain focused on what he loved doing the most. He started steering all of his energy into his talent and setting goals that would make him a better artist as well as a better person.

Soon his daily activities began to include consistent studio bookings and trips to Atlanta for shows and other exposure opportunities. With his signature, raspy tone and southern delivery, Honcho Truth’s distinct sound has been developing as an artist since the age of 9. It was then, that he and his cousins formed a music group and wrote music to beats they heard on the radio. By 6th grade, he was never seen without his pencil and pad writing every chance he got. During his high school years, he and his cousins learned a lot of the music industry and decide to turn their music group into a label and named it “Blacc Mobb”.

In conclusion, growing up for Honcho Truth was all about music and his taste in music had diversity. To have been inspired by and motivated by music since such a young age, it’s no wonder he’s a natural. Honcho Truth is currently pushing his single “Back End”, which features artist King Spazz. The visual for “Back End” started its promotion at the top of 1st Quarter 2019 and accumulated 2k views within the first 3 weeks. For many, that number wouldn’t be impressive, but for someone with a truly underground street fan base, it was very impressive to himself and the team.

Last year he launched a single titled “What You Want”, which was previewed at Magic City in Atlanta early Jan. 2018 and received a great reaction.